Camborne & Redruth Constituency

Candidate for Camborne & Redruth constituency – Karen La Borde

My name is Karen La Borde and I am hoping to be elected as the MP for Camborne and Redruth Constituency in the west of Cornwall.

Now is not the time to shirk from the major issues facing our global future. The climate catastrophe is upon us and our environment is polluted by plastics, particulates and poor politics.

A pressing urgency requires the Green Party to assert itself as the party with the policies and strategies that can lead us out of this mess. This will take hard work, guile and opportunity of which I hope I have oodles.

I am a mother, grandmother, company director, political activist, parish councillor, knitter and dog lover. I live plastic free (ish) and have not washed my hair nor my home with chemicals, shampoo or soap for over 2 years. I buy and use as little as I can and will ditch my diesel vehicle for an electric car when it starts to fail (apparently this is best for my CO2 footprint).

In the next year I think it is important for Cornwall Green Party to explore all avenues to get our message ‘out there’. Media attention is crucial to a future election and we need to keep writing, speaking and ‘doing’ green politics. We lead by example, we hold out the beacon of hope and we will win our right to have a seat at the table where decisions are made.