St Ives Constituency

Candidate for St Ives constituency – Ian Flindall

Local activist Ian Flindall has been selected to stand in St Ives. His mission is to promote Green policies on ‘destruction of the natural environment and our far-reaching policies for ecological sustainability.’

Local farmer Ian knows the ins and outs of the election business, having stood several times as a General and European election candidate during 40 years of active Party membership. Green through and through, Ian has worked in renewables, energy conservation and sustainable farming, and has been director of West Cornwall Community Power. Ian is well-placed to explain to voters how practical solutions, which we already have available, now desperately need to be pursued with vigour and determination.

“Humanity is clearly drinking in last-chance saloon,” Ian reminds us, “and yet mainstream politicians continue to regard this major threat as a mere side issue.”

Ian is also keen to promote the Party’s critique of economic growth and Gross Domestic Product as the sole measure of well-being; to argue for a society which aims to meet people’s needs rather than fuelling people’s greed; and to put the case for sustainable food production as an alternative to the current destructive agricultural practices.

“At a time when so much concerted global action is needed, I despair that the UK has chosen to leave the European Union,” Ian adds. “But above all, I believe that voters must have the choice to vote for an ecologically sustainable future”.